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Issue 1

Issue 1

DAV Academic Review Issue I Volume- I (December 2015)


An- Annual (December) Multi Disciplinary Refereed Research Journal ISSN(online)2455-3999

About the Journal

DAV Academic Review is a peer reviewed multi-disciplinary research journal owned by DAV College, Sadhaura. It publishes original, new and innovative ideas of wider interest. We are committed to make the journal a hub of authors, researchers, editor, readers and students who have a passion for novel ideas, objective criticism, open mindedness, intellectual curiosity and uncompromising adherence to the highest scholarly standards. DAV Academic Review offers informative, insightful and lively discourse on the full range of topics having contemporary relevance.

Mr. Poonam Suri, Padam shree Awardee President, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi
Dr. Ranpal Singh Principal, DAV College,Sadhaura
Dr. Gurmej Singh DAV College, Sadhaura
Mr. Yogesh Singh Mohan DAV College, Sadhaura
Mr. Rajender Kumar DAV College, Sadhaura
Dr. Anupam Khanna DAV College, Sadhaura
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1 Nehru's Socialism Rhetoric, Reality and Relevance Prof. Ranbir Singh 1-6
2 S.K. Deys contribution to the Indian political thought Dr. Anupama Arya 1-4 Download
3 Relevance of Nehru's Paradigm of Federal Parliamentary Democracy in the era of LPG Kushal Pal 1-5 Download
4 Issues in Dalit Literature: A study of Anil Gharai's "Footprint of an Elephant" and "Reincarnation of Parashuram" Dr. Virender Pal 1-6 Download
5 Medieval Architecture on the Indian Soil: A Study of Mosques and Tombs Dr. Chand Singh 1-5 Download
6 Cultural Development under the Sultans of Kashmir Dr. Anurag 1-7 Download
7 Green marketing Products in India Dr. Pawan Kumar 1-12 Download
8 Social Networking Sites and their Impact on University Students Vijender Narwal & Dr. Vijender Pal Saini 1-4 Download
9 Make in India : Opportunities and challenges Dr. Parmil Kumar & Anurag 1-6 Download
10 Impulse of students Activism Rajbir Singh 1-11 Download
11 Women as the 'Other' In Mainstream Hindi Cinema Nitika Chhillar 1-8 Download
12 Constructivism in Education Mrs. Rita Saini 1-7 Download
13 Looking Back into History of Art of Assam Dr. Gurcharan Singh & Rikimi Madhukaillya 1-7 Download
14 Packaging Communication Strategy : Creating Convincing Packaging Swati Gupta 1-5 Download
15 Diasporic Studies of V.S. Naipaul's A House for Mr. Biswas Mohinder Kumar 1-5 Download

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