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About Management Team

D.A.V.College Managing Committee, Chitra Gupta Road, New Delhi is the largest non-government organization in the field of education in India. It has a glorious past seeped into the history of India, our great nation. D.A.V. College Managing Committee has contributed to nation-building by pioneering private initiative in education. D.A.V. College Managing Committee runs and manages over 720 educational institutions across the country. D.A.V. College Managing Committee is managed by a galaxy of luminaries from diverse fields who are committed to the philosophy of Arya Samaj and ideals of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. DAV’s commitment to quality education ensures highly qualified and skilled workforce and state-of-art infrastructure in the educational institutions managed by it. D.A.V.College Managing Committee is the Executive Body of the D.A.V. College Trust and Management Society which, subject to the overall control of the society, conducts the day to day affairs of society and controls the administrations and finances of its institutions all over the country. It being the nerve centre, formulates policies, plans and procedures to shape the destiny of DAV network. Today, the movement is led by DAV veterans like Shri Poonam Suri and his associates.

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